The Sorry Carnival

The first single from my upcoming album, The Sorry Carnival is by far my best track yet. The pre-save link is live now!

I Stood, I Fell Harmonizer Version

A cover of one of my older songs, I Stood, I Fell Harmonizer Version is an electronic twist on what’s become a defining Dreamer’s Club motif. For the other producers on here, it’s also my first track ever released that was produced in Ableton.

This Crowd Of Empty Faces

My third and latest album as Dreamer’s Club, This Crowd Of Empty Faces explores a struggle between extreme joy and extreme sadness.

Selfish and Improper

Along with producing this phenomenal EP for singer-songwriter Lelia, I also had the honor of co-writing and singing on the track Before We Have A Chance.

Happiness For Sale!

My second album as Dreamer’s Club, Happiness For Sale! explores the next chapter in the story.

216 Days

The culmination of many years of work, 216 Days became my first album under the name Dreamer’s Club.