Apocalypse 92.7 FM

After surviving the apocalypse, a young woman holes up in a radio station, desperately broadcasting her voice to an empty world.

The Sunrise House Season 2

After the events of the first season, Isaac, Elliot, Julia, and their new friends must face an even greater challenge than before.

The Sunrise House

The Sunrise House follows three friends as they stumble upon a mystery surrounding a house, a pocket watch, and a villain that none of them saw coming.

Empire Fallen

After having left his friends John and Peter in the United States, Mason and his brother Andrew are faced with the fact that they’re stranded and stuck.

First Act Season 2

Milo and Randy embark on their newest filmmaking adventure: a narrative road trip short called How Fear Killed Greed.

One Door Over

When friends try desperately to hold their group together, they may do more damage than they think.


After his brother’s mysterious death, Kyle and his friends travel to an isolated cabin, only to find that something followed them there

Torrent Rising

A group of kids find a plan for a domestic terrorism attack on a torrent site and have to decide what to do with that information while trying to keep their friendship together.


A boy named Kyle believes he’s being watched by aliens and sets out to prove it.

First Act

When a brother and sister start a documentary on an acting class, friend and family drama ensues.